Gritty Stories 20-23 May 2024

Fusing course with Merle Kannus!

A fusing class with Merle Kannus
Date: 20-23 May 2024
Number of participants: 8
(the class will be in English)

The course costs SEK 3.000, materials included.

In this 4 day class, Merle Kannus will teach students how to create images on flat glass with colored glass frit (small grains of glass). The course will go over the basics of using a kiln to fuse glass grains on sheet glass in single and multiple firings. The course will focus on how to use glass to develop an image that can convey a story and draw in the viewer. Some previous experience with glass is recommended.

About Merle Kannus:
Merle Kannus is an Estonian Glass artist who has worked in a variety of glass and art techniques over the last 25 years. Recently, her work has focused on collages of images, small captured moments from memories and daily life, frozen in delicate frit fusings. The Glass Factory is excited for her to share some of her techniques and expertise in conjunction with showing her work in one of our summer exhibitions.

The Glass Factory in collaboration with IASPIS, the Swedish Arts Grants Committee´s International Programme for Visual and Applied Arts.