11/12 2021 Christmas ornament battle

Kom och var med när glasrikets hantverkare och konstnärer möter varandra i en lekfull strid om att skapa den mest personliga juldekorationen.

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What is a Christmas Ornament Battle?

It is a glassy, crafty, fun-time where glassblowers with friends compete for the honorable title “TGF ornament champion 2021” (and a surprise prize) They will work in teams of two, and the mission is to create a glass Christmas ornament that is dazzling, divine with a personal expression.

They are free to use any glass technique. The ornament can be small, big, rough, or detailed. It may be crystal clear or reeking of color and texture. They may freehand blow it, use moulds, do assembling work, use patternmaking tools etc. They are basically free to create it any way they want BUT when the bench-time of 25 minutes is over they must be able to hang it from a hook in the hot shop and razzel dazzel the audiens.

Host of the event is Judge Max and Referee Mac, and they will judge the team on ther talent, performance, charisma, and ornament accomplishment. A safe bet to impress is to have fun and go all in. Two teams at the time will blow, so both gloryholes will be used. When out of battle is on we cheer on cheer on the performing teams. Let’s come together, have fun adn Craft Community.