Emmaboda Kommun

22/9-4/11 2018 During the lunchbreak

“På lunchrasten”/ “During the lunchbreak” is an exhibition about “sölning/dallying” (playing/experimanting with glass which the glassworkers did on their lunchbreak), but also about writing design history. It is about paying attention to the many skills that together shaped Swedish glass.

“On lunch break” is the first time the extensive “sölning/dallying” culture in glass is displayed and documented. The exhibition has been formed through talks with glass workers of different ages.

Sölning was a practice, exercised during the glass workers lunchbreak. In its simplest form, sölning was an exercise, a form of school to become introduced to glass as a material. A glass workers carrier started as soon as he/she left school and sölning helped to advance in the strict hierarchy of the hot shop. The exhibition shows a part of the cultural heritage that emerged from this practice. Practical objects were made such as curtain bars, coffee balls, flower sticks and so-called “fyllehundar” which served as vessels for alcohol, shaped like dogs. Also decorative objects were created, such as birds, fishes, letterpresses and mooses. Celebrations such as weddings had their special objects.

There was also a form of sölning that exploded boundaries. Here, there was an advanced craft practice beyond the speed of production and demand for profitability. In this form of sölning, a deep knowledge of glass is revealed. In these cases sölning was an opportunity to try and follow new paths. Unique objects were created. It is this mainly these objects that are shown in the exhibition. Here you have the opportunity to see glass objects made by five glass champions: Micke Johansson, Ingvar Jonsson, Anton Koch, Tuomo Nieminen and Jan-Evert Persson, active in different times.

Although there is very little documentation, the practice of sölning continues to be relevant, especially for many contemporary glass artists who are inspired by the glass workers sölning. As a form of tribute to the practice of sölning, artist Simon Klenell initiated a workshop at The Glass Factory. He invited Markus Emilsson, Kristin Larsson and Rasmus Nossbring to jointly examine the practice of sölning as concepts and tests and its potential as an artistic method. The result of the workshop is displayed in the exhibition.

The exhibition is based on interviews with glass workers and several of them are included in the exhibition.

In connection with the exhibition, talks about sölning are arranged at various destinations in the Kingdom of Crystal:

Items related to sölning from the collections at Småland Museum

Date: October 10 Location: Kulturarvscentrum, Sandvägen 15, Växjö Time: 18:00

Antiquarian Björn Arfvidsson tells about sölning based on the objects from Smålands Museums ciollections.

Sölning wanted! An evening of sölning.

Date: October 18 Location: Kosta Folkets hus. Time: 18:30.

To continue the story of sölning, we initiate a conversation about the practice of sölning at Kosta Folkets hus on October 18th. We share stories about sölning and present objects. During the evening we would like to hear your stories and see your objects made by sölning.

Sölning wanted! An evening of sölning in colaboration with the Konst- och bruksglasföreningen.

Date: October 22 Location: The Glass Factory. Time: 18.00

We continue to talk about sölning. This evening we are at The Glass Factory in Boda. Together we share stories about sölning. Feel free to bring your objects from home, pictures and stories.

We offer Swedish Fika with coffee and good company.